Advanced ADV

Sky On Demand

Sky On Demand gives you access to thousands of programs of all kinds whenever you want from connected My Sky and SkyQ, Glass and NOW. ADV positioning over On Demand content lets brands reach the most valuable target audience in a moment of exclusive viewing.

Sky Go

Sky Go is increasingly becoming the best way to enjoy Sky even away from home or when your TV is already busy. We offer advertisers the opportunity to plan their campaigns on soccer, motors, and exclusive entertainment, with the ability to select the target audience.

Pluto TV

A streaming TV platform with a wide range of exclusive Live channels and on demand content grouped by thematic categories. Usable on Smart TV, PC, Mobile and Tablet. 100% free and without registration. We offer advertisers the ability to plan on sports content and exclusive entertainment, with the ability to select the target audience. Find out more

Advertising Manager by Sky Media

Advertising has entered a new era thanks to Advertising Manager, the platform with innovative technology to easily plan every campaign on all media, even on TV.
You decide where and how to show your ads: the result is always guaranteed, the world of content to associate them with is always premium. It's the world of great Sky stories.

App TV

An interactive world linked to Sky content: insights, news, polls, and voting, for the increasingly active and engaging viewing experience. A unique and impactful opportunity for brands.

Addressable TV PAY/
Sky AdSmart

Sky AdSmart is the evolution of television planning on Sky's qualified target, which makes the advertisers reach their audience using linear break ads. With AdSmart the client can plan only a specific target, maximizing useful contacts, and avoiding dispersions.

Addressable TV/
Free To Air

TV advertising in the digital age! The advertising solution delivering display and video formats during on-air shows, giving the user the choice of in-depth information.

Reach The Content

A format capable of making Special Content a real star through direct interaction with the ad (in-depth analysis, summaries, backstage, etc.). The interaction will give simple and immediate access to the contents thanks to the Sky technologies.

Out Of Home

Sky Media manages advertising sales on behalf of Rome airports, the main Italian airport system. A complete offer and an unmissable positioning in a modern and dynamic environment for brands seeking the attention of 49 million passengers who travel through Fiumicino and Ciampino every year.